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Things We Hear Everyday From Pelvic Girdle Pain and SPD Sufferers..

⚫I'm really struggling walking any distance so I feel I can't go anywhere.
⚫I'm struggling to go up and down the stairs. 
⚫I can't get dressed easily as it's very painful to stand on one leg or balance in any way.
⚫It's affecting my sleep, I can't turn over in bed without pain and it wakes me most nights.
⚫I struggle to get in and out of the car.
⚫It's really getting in the way of my day to day tasks; I struggling shopping, driving, playing with the little ones and I'm feeling frustrated.

Pelvic Girdle Pain and SPD is a real struggle it affects your whole life in a frustrating and debilitating way in a time that should be exciting. You may notice that you're irritable, sleepless and have lost your independence, so it takes the excitement about what's to come. We hope you find some positive change from this book we can help you get back to enjoying pregnancy.
What You'll Learn From This Book
✔ Knowing the best way to move forward and how to make the best decision
✔ Get a full nights sleep and feel less irritable
✔ How to manage pain and make your pelvis more stable
✔ Improved concentration and less irritable 
✔ Being stronger in pregnancy and more prepared for birth
✔ Get your independence back 

The Results Start When You Do..
About The Author
Dr Louise Edwards DC

Dr Lou's journey into health started as a child. Her main passion is in educating people to be the best version of themselves; this mainly is through Chiropractic care and the bodies amazing ability to self heal and self regulate. To further her Chiropractic passion she adjusts all things with spines being a fully trained Veterinary Chiropractor too.

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  • G SAID "IT'S CHANGED MY LIFE" I've been going to Results Align for about 6 weeks now, and can honestly say that it's changed my life in such a short amount of time.
  • JAMES SAID- I have been to other Chiropractors, Osteopaths with my  issues over the last year with limited success. I have been recently going to Results Align and have remarkably improved.